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Project 5: The Change I want to see


  • Major concerns: Extending from previous project , my question was “How can the medium of photography helps redefining and pursuing the decay of beauty in the fashion industry?”
  • Reflections from previous projects: – fashion communication, collect information, create and event, experience, move away from asking question to provide them something – interact with people. Research – interview stakeholders user, look at what have been done, taking all factors together to create intervention 
  • After casual chats (interviews) with some of my model friends, I realised the major issues in the model industry are:
  • Highly strict beauty standard (slim figure, certain look etc;
  • Limited prospective career beyond certain age for female models
  • Many of the interviewees are concerned about their future career pathways even if they are at their teens/early 20s

Feedback & Notes & Thoughts

  • Define the word beauty, what is beauty
  • Trends in fashion, is there a trend ? What is this trend in the area I’d like to explore?
  • Gender fluidity, fashionable scene
  • Drag culture
  • Consider what is the change I want to make, perhaps it’s something sustainable, something that won’t die out, long-term job opportunity
  • Antique fashion?
  • Certain languages of beauty?
  • Perhaps this could be something belongs to the fashion industry but not necessarily fashionable?
  • Trend itself is a loop, the change could be some loop of my own discovery?
  • The topic is not new, consider beyond certain age groups
  • Consider age / location/ with infusion of cultures (combine my own backgrounds etc.)
  • What are the challenges that older models are facing? different looks/cultures
  • Fashion is fashion, how to have an influence a wider ranger of audience?
  • Perhaps it’s the future employability that I want to make a change of?
  • Intervention : Photoshoot / testing / editorial? (as in a continuation from the previous project, at which my How can question was How can the medium of photography helps redefining and pursuing the decay of beauty in the fashion industry?” )
  • Publication: layers – complexity 
  • Make sure to test images
  • Research existing publications, offer how I would change, how will my ideas differ from what are present
  • Developing ideas with opportunities first, it may not be fashion, position myself in where could make an influence of
  • Speaking of influence: who are the influencers? Who are the people in the industry that are making the decisions?
  • Fashion is biased: target customers, spending powers, older generations with well-established wealth and more spending power
  • Arrow corridor
  • Understand what the market is about, consider carefully with interventions and interactions
  • How could the change appears – step by step development 
  • Make assumptions to understanding how it’d change
  • Skill set
  • Hypothesis taking event
  • Who might have done something before: enable to do something different
  • Feedbacks: critical
  • Set path what to avoid to make change that is so different
  • Target market: temporary? Sustainable? 
  • Be clear what it is and make the argument

(Emailing tutor: Mon-Wed before 4pm – respond by the end of Friday)

Assessment Measurement

  • Process is what going to be measured the most
  • Student set the circumstances
  • Ability to generate feedbacks
  • Risk taking
  • Risk in research and new research methods
  • Blogs: Add interactions in it, update at least once a week
  • Thinking process – Research & Analysis Journal entries
  • Evaluation – summaries what I have been exploring
  • Feedbacks from tutor, stakeholder etc.
  • Be critical about the work