Personal Tutorials

Unit 3 Tutorials with Zuleika:

Original question: How can the medium of fashion communication helps redefining and pursuing beauty standards in the modern society?

Refined question: How can (the medium of fashion communication) redefining beauty standards helps improving social appearance anxiety for women in the modern society?


5th – Oct -2020

  • Brought research from in-depth interview with professionals from : 1- formal Portrait photographer for Vogue China, Project Manager at Layer Studio , Zoe Chen
  • 2 – Dr Zhou Li, at Shanghai Muyan Outpatient Department

Project 7: Stakeholder’s Room Feedbacks: 

  • appreciate how you reached out to professionals
  • in-depth feedback 
  • unplanned interviews 
  • look into – what psychologist and therapist point of view wrong exceptions  that’s where the problems coming 
  • if you really have to have lifework change – is it worth 
  • live – talk – Zuleika : why creating art work art talk – if your looking at art nudes – body exceptions – beauty – book: The Body Is Not An Apology – Sonya Renee Taylor
  • Orlan – artwork – specialise in her face- documenting plastic surgery –
  • Amalia Ulman 

2nd- Nov -2020


when one person present the work everyone else gives feedback

Peers feedbacks- what you’ve been doing this week?

Zuleika question: Will you be designing something more that can fit wide ranging practical design?

Vogue – Ultimate showcasing alternative beauty vogue UK

Miumiu and women – In my room

Inside Parma Ham’s Extreme Beauty Routine | Vogue


Abject theory

How do you collect data for the intervention you’re making

How you can fit all the interventions together – combine feedbacks so far

what answers your question ? right now you’re in China , Chinese trends, participants -(other beauty trends?

can you find more people to break the boundaries – sustainable fashion , curious about other extreme ones.
Narrow down and refine. 

How does this answer my question – that’s a good starting point Yuly’s project : time management for procrastination – eat the fro

6th – Nov -2020

  • problems  – The question is might be need to be reframed
  • ie. you are kinda giving the answer at your title, the actual question itself, you frame the question to help finding the answer
  • understand – abandon without fashion communication 
  • try combinations – what is key is she’s not entirely sure what i want to look at & trying to answer the question 
  • How can fashion communication improves social appearance anxiety for women in modern society .
  • How can fashion communication improve social appearance anxiety for women in modern society?
  • Not complex title, 
  • how i understand appearance anxiety – styling and time where unique about us stopped in something we feel insecure about 
  • how can challenging  fashion communication improve social appearance anxiety for (Chinese) women in modern society
  • challenging the perception, its about representation 
  • in terms of representation – Representation method – representation in media  what it means for younger people you don’t see it very often
  • now we are seeing different kind of women and body on social media, more different kind of bodies 

important to an extent 

improve to be beautify 

  • You have the theory – deep research in representation  – Representation
  • See how yourself being represented in the media, 
  • impact of not seeing yourself, question your identity and self extinct 
  • a lot of charactered be represented –  Self esteem
  • Instagram analysis – reflecting from my audiences for what they’ve been wanting to see. \
  • The Social Dilemma – Netflix 

Cant avoid social media – 

  • vision – these three things working together 
  • collecting data – offline and online 
  • Bricks Magazine – Corry West – look at magazines and publication of Subversive of beauty standards
  • understand What exact the opposite is. 

She also emphasised on the importance of methodology – which I’m lacking at the moment.

NTS – Methodology

 A theoretical-conceptual survey involves performing conceptual modelling to enable identification, understanding, and monitoring of the development of a particular field of knowledge, raising prospects for future work.

The knowledge identification and classification model provides definitions for project development knowledge, attributes and relationships between each other to achieve knowledge management.

The ontology is divided into three parts: process ontology, object ontology and knowledge ontology.

This ontology reveals the development processes taking place, objects and six types of knowledge together, and lay the foundation for the following knowledge sharing and reuse.

Analysis of my Instagram account followers:

Gender is about half half/ Most of my followers are from South East Asia or Asia/ Most of them ages between 18 -34. Most of my followers are from Seoul, Ho chi minh City and London.

This data should be very helpful at the very early stages of my research, but it’s not too late to summarise and this shows my direction of targeting on women in East Asia was a correct move.

However this Instagram data wouldn’t help much at this stage as I have narrowed down my audiences to Chinese Females.

16th – Nov -2020

Blog – Unit 2 -online class notes, can be forgiven they are images, making the writing bigger, different font maybe? Do not make the aesthetic appeal what I’ve written. 

  • You don’t have to be too personal, but put on what you think is appropriate. 
  • Attention to detail is good, showing your thought processes.
  • Making sure someone with fresh eyes coming to this blog can visualise easily.
  • Content page maybe?
  • Louisa  London Drawing Group instagram . event – The Female and Lesbian Gaze in film – Online lecture – Dr Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray 
  • look up some of her stuff – podcast 
  • Padlet – add visual – don’t forget 
  • Learning outcomes 
  • Record everything on the blog – even printing on the wall, mind maps, visual journey etc.