Record: Final Intervention

Previously on record of Photoshoot, I created three series of photographs, one on-site recording video and one art film for the MadeIt Wechat Channel.

I played the roles of creative director, fashion stylist, and analogue film photographer for this photoshoot. A series of representational photographs, onsite recorded clips, a short art film were generated as outcomes. Onsite recorded clips were released first as a trailer onto the MadeIt Wechat channel and gained many likes and attention. The audiences were curious to see what the behind scenes look like when producing aesthetically appealing fashion photographs. 

Photographer: Zoe Chen (Interviewed during research phase) 
Art Direction: Me
Stylist: Me
Makeup and Hair artist: Chen Yao
Location: Ge Studio, Xi'an

I spoke with Fan on set, the 18-year-old model herself seems beautiful, young, slim, and successful to most of us but still felt anxious with her severe burn marks on her arm. This shooting process is also an encouragement to her to face these frets and demonstrate them to the mass, aimed to inspire in the long term and break the boundaries of appearance anxiety, as well as enhancing confidence. 

I have also uploaded the same contents onto Douyin (Tik Tok), which I know tik tok would face a different audience groups.

The behind the scene clip had 9887 views

The behind the scene clip had 9887 views but not many likes or comments. I discussed with Ming, we both reckon the content perhaps is a little more advanced than what the audiences could accept within 15s. Most people flipped through this clip because of curiosity.

Discussion with Ming

Wechat Made It Channel:

The behind the scene got 107 likes and 5 comments. There’s obviously a higher acceptance on Wechat Channels. People appreciate to see what’s so different behind a fashion scene.

The clips of Fan’s scars were presented next to the photoshoot clip, a contrast was created of how glamorous the model looks in front of the camera but she’s not necessarily as ‘perfect’ or ‘confidence’ as she looks.

The collection of interactive feedbacks and comments will be an ongoing process. Besides many confusions, challenges, misunderstandings, and difficulties I encountered during this project, I personally gained the confidence to start compromising with the ‘imperfect’ inner-self. I also firmly believe my messages are delivered and have begun to generate ‘the change I want to see.’