Chinese Social Media Research Findings|Intervention

Previously on Research Findings: Appearance Anxiety in Chinese female groups the key problems to solve are:

  1. Boosting individual’s confidence
  2. Introducing more diverse beauty standards
  3. Redefine the concept that ‘Chinese women should look cute, pale tall and slim’ – there shouldn’t be only one standard out there
  4. Finding the right platform to display my work
  5. Analyse pros and cons of different Chinese social media platforms
  6. Fashion and attire topics are often related with figure anxiety
  7. tbc

Social Media platforms:

  • Wechat: Top one user rates, contains moments (photo+contents sharing)
  • Wechat official accounts: Articles, contents
  • Wechat Channels – Newly launched in June 2020, wechat plugin
  • Weibo – contents, articles, videos and picture sharing
  • Bilibili – Long videos
  • Douban – content sharing, BBS, forum, film commentary
  • Douyin – Tik Tok, short clips no longer than 15s
  • Kuaishou – another short clips sharing platform, particularly strong user base among users outside of China’s Tier 1 cities
  • Xiaohongshu: Also known as RED (The red book), a social media and e-commerce platform with mostly female users


Considering previous art talk was held at a small scale, mostly advertised through wechat and wechat moments; previous questionnaires were spread via wechat too. The red book as a developed sharing platform has many regulations and media is not my expertise, it would be difficult to understand platform’s rules and pushing valuable contents and promotion traffic to the right audiences. Therefore I decided to set up a Wechat Channel as this would be directly linked to my wechat account, the contents will spread out via likes. Friends on your wechat will see which videos from Channels you’ve like and there is a huge potential of spreading and being shared to the targeted audience and stakeholders.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine Ming, who owns a designer and independent designer brands incubation company in Beijing. One of their successful examples is the launching of unisex brand Animist Vision.

Animist Vision shopping App on Wechat

I asked advices from Ming regarding setting up a Channel and he showed a lot interests. I explained the idea of introducing variety of definitions beauty to people, topics would include fashion, designs, graphics, documentaries, art talks and many more.

My thoughts:

  1. I need to figure out grabbing people’s attention and getting feedbacks/interactions. So the topics should not be limited.
  2. Topics more relate to daily life would gain more resonances.
  3. Beauty should not be limited within the areas I’ve been researching on, as many of my questionnaire answers mentioned: boosting confidence is as well important, but more importantly is paying attention to the outside world and enriching the inner-self
  4. Produce value-able contents
  5. Independent and creative thinking skills
Wechat- Discover – Channels – Made It

The Channel is called MadeIt 造物. I planned on creating this channel as a sharing platform for creative individuals to share their visions on discoverings bits of life and to redefine/present/comment on aesthetics, and furthermore challenging beauty standards as a fragment of it.

Slogan: MadeIt – Everyone can Make It.

Topics may include:

  • Brand advertising
  • Fashion designer contents
  • Fashion shoot
  • Fashion shoot behind the scene – how photos are composed from 0 to the end
  • Fragments of daily life
  • Interviews
  • Art Talk
  • Art films
  • Documentary and many more
Videos uploaded to the channel

-Familiarise people with the channel through early stage bedding

-Generate better traffic and cultivate better audience stickiness for final intervention contents of this project